Exhaust vent installation

Exhaust vent is used to let the moist air out of the washroom. There is a flap in front of this type of vent which stops the cold air from entering into the washroom during winter months.
Poorly connected exhaust vent pipe is the number one cause of moisture inside the attic and mold under the plywoods. We always make sure that the pipe connecting the washroom fan to the exhaust vent is insulated and taped properly, to prevent any moisture leak into the attic.
Please check our roofing guide to know more about the types of vents we use.

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    Best, on time, professional - very reasonable price with great work.

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    It was a good experience with the team and we highly recommend them. We have passed the contact to our neighbours who may need theirs to be replaced as well in 2-3 years.

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    Real Blue was able to meet my request for an early installation even with Covid situation. Completed their exceptional installation and site clean up in one day. Excellent job! Everything looks really great! Many positivie comments from neighbours. Thanks

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