Washroom Exhaust Vent

An exhaust vent is used to let the moist air out of the washroom. There is a flap in front of this type of vent which stops the cold air from entering the washroom during winter months.
A poorly connected exhaust vent pipe is one of the significant causes of moisture inside the attic and mold under the plywood. We always ensure that the pipe connecting the washroom fan to the exhaust vent is insulated and taped correctly to prevent any moisture from leaking into the attic.

Our team is highly professional in handling all kinds of issues regarding exhaust vents.

How to identify an issue with the exhaust vent?

If you feel excessive moisture in the washroom or see water droplets on the ceiling, it could be due to the exhaust vent not functioning correctly. 

Water stains on the washroom ceiling near the fan or around the corners are another sign of some issue with the exhaust vent. 

What are the common issues with exhaust vents?

The pipe connecting the washroom fan to the roof exhaust vent must be insulated to prevent condensation from filling up the pipe. This pipe should also be connected and sealed correctly on both ends so that no moisture could leak into the attic.

Some people make the mistake of connecting the exhaust pipe vertically straight, which causes residue moisture to drop on the fan as soon as you turn the fan off. 


What are the different types of exhaust vents?

There are many different types of exhaust vents available in the market. Regular-size plastic exhaust vents are the most commonly used. Other variations are available such as metal exhaust vent, gooseneck, Max CT4, etc. 

We have discussed these in detail in our roofing guide. Please check it out. 

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Steven D'Souza
Steven D'Souza
March 14, 2024.
I had contacted Real blue roofing Service to do insulation in the attic and install two washroom vents on my roof. The Real blue team who came were very Professional, and first thing explained to me what they were doing. So they first removed all the old insulation, installed two vents and plus two extra vents on the roof. They worked very hard with no water break or lunch break and on the way they took pictures of before and after. Also after the job completed they vacuumed the full area including the carpet on the stairs and left our very clean. Mr. Dill Singh all hats off for a superb job your team did at our place. This is the second time I have used this company, many years back they installed a new roof, and when I saw them in this new business and expansion I right away call them no doubt I had some more estimates from different Attic companies. If any one needs a roof replaced or attic take care they are the people you need to contact. I strongly recommend this company Real Blue Roofing Services for any work, their pricing is very reasonable and take the liberty to explain the full estimate and what needs to be done. Once again Mr. Dill Singh and your team who you deployed I don't know their names I personally thank you for their hard work (specially the guy who was in the attic doing the job). they worked very diligently, with no water breaks or lunch break in between, you very rarely find such honest, hard working and diligent workers. Please thank your crew on our behalf. This is why I gave them 5 stars, I could talk a lot about this company, but right now I say eyes closed if you need something done please don't hesitate to contact Real Blue Roofing Services. I would had pictures but I have not received them.
Kevin Black
Kevin Black
January 22, 2024.
Service was prompt, convenient and good quality work. No complaints at all!
Marta Demjen
Marta Demjen
December 1, 2023.
I thank you for your amazing service. It is almost a miracle today to receive such a good and reliable service. Quick response to when I called, thorough investigation of the problems, the repair is done perfectly and fast. And for me also very important the honest, respectful communication, a feeling of trust that is hard to find. I will never take my business elsewhere. Thank you Deepak and your team!!!
Hars Singh
Hars Singh
November 26, 2023.
Very professional and organized
Vishal Mehndiratta
Vishal Mehndiratta
November 13, 2023.
Showed up as promised. Efficient service and reasonable pricing.
Paal Wirring
Paal Wirring
November 7, 2023.
They did great job with changing my shingles.They were professional, quality workmanship and responsible.I will be recommending them. 👏👏
Dibyashowry Khanal
Dibyashowry Khanal
November 5, 2023.
Amanda Fruci
Amanda Fruci
October 22, 2023.
Working with Real Blue was a wonderful experience! They were very responsible to our questions, the coordination was seamless and they were in and out in 1 day. Highly recommend them for your roofing needs.

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