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Based on the specifications set out by Ontario Building Code, it is recommended to have a minimum attic insulation of R60 value for a typical local home. R60 means 17 to 18 inches of blown-in insulation. Ontario building code was recently updated so most homes do not have enough insulation as per the new requirements. 

It is also true that blown-in insulation settles over time and gets compressed, especially if it is cellulose. Already low R-value of existing insulation decreases over time and it becomes necessary to top up the attic insulation to prevent energy loss and many other issues such as attic moisture and mold. 

We have a specialized crew to provide blown-in insulation top-ups in Brampton, Mississauga, and nearby cities. 

What type of insulation is best for the attic?

Both fiberglass and cellulose are commonly used for blown-in insulation in the attic. Most people prefer fiberglass over cellulose as it is easier to install and provides better protection against mold.

On the other hand, Cellulose provides a better R-value per inch, but one of its drawbacks is that it is known to settle down over time. 

How to find out the R-value of my existing attic insulation?

The R-value of the insulation can be found by measuring the level of insulation at different points in the attic and then taking an average. An R-value chart can be used to translate the measurements. 

It is highly recommended to use a professional service for this purpose as it’s very risky to walk inside the attic and a serious accident could happen if you miss a step. 

Is more insulation always better?

It is not always better to have more insulation than what is required. Adding more insulation unneccessarily can interfere with the attic ventilation and can trap the air inside the attic. 

It is absolutly neccessary to make sure insulation doesnt block the air intake trhough soffits. It is a very common issue,espcially in houses with a smaller attic. 

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Steven D'Souza
Steven D'Souza
March 14, 2024.
I had contacted Real blue roofing Service to do insulation in the attic and install two washroom vents on my roof. The Real blue team who came were very Professional, and first thing explained to me what they were doing. So they first removed all the old insulation, installed two vents and plus two extra vents on the roof. They worked very hard with no water break or lunch break and on the way they took pictures of before and after. Also after the job completed they vacuumed the full area including the carpet on the stairs and left our very clean. Mr. Dill Singh all hats off for a superb job your team did at our place. This is the second time I have used this company, many years back they installed a new roof, and when I saw them in this new business and expansion I right away call them no doubt I had some more estimates from different Attic companies. If any one needs a roof replaced or attic take care they are the people you need to contact. I strongly recommend this company Real Blue Roofing Services for any work, their pricing is very reasonable and take the liberty to explain the full estimate and what needs to be done. Once again Mr. Dill Singh and your team who you deployed I don't know their names I personally thank you for their hard work (specially the guy who was in the attic doing the job). they worked very diligently, with no water breaks or lunch break in between, you very rarely find such honest, hard working and diligent workers. Please thank your crew on our behalf. This is why I gave them 5 stars, I could talk a lot about this company, but right now I say eyes closed if you need something done please don't hesitate to contact Real Blue Roofing Services. I would had pictures but I have not received them.
Kevin Black
Kevin Black
January 22, 2024.
Service was prompt, convenient and good quality work. No complaints at all!
Marta Demjen
Marta Demjen
December 1, 2023.
I thank you for your amazing service. It is almost a miracle today to receive such a good and reliable service. Quick response to when I called, thorough investigation of the problems, the repair is done perfectly and fast. And for me also very important the honest, respectful communication, a feeling of trust that is hard to find. I will never take my business elsewhere. Thank you Deepak and your team!!!
Hars Singh
Hars Singh
November 26, 2023.
Very professional and organized
Vishal Mehndiratta
Vishal Mehndiratta
November 13, 2023.
Showed up as promised. Efficient service and reasonable pricing.
Paal Wirring
Paal Wirring
November 7, 2023.
They did great job with changing my shingles.They were professional, quality workmanship and responsible.I will be recommending them. 👏👏
Dibyashowry Khanal
Dibyashowry Khanal
November 5, 2023.
Amanda Fruci
Amanda Fruci
October 22, 2023.
Working with Real Blue was a wonderful experience! They were very responsible to our questions, the coordination was seamless and they were in and out in 1 day. Highly recommend them for your roofing needs.

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