a) Missing shingles

We understand the frustration of losing shingles with wind. This is the most common of all roofing problems. As explained in our FAQ and Roofing guide, the old type of shingles used by builders do not stick as well. These shingles are not capable of holding against the wind storms.

We at Real Blue Roofing have a special unit to handle same day roof repairs in Brampton and nearby cities.

Please contact us to book an appointment today.

b) Animal Damage

Animals can jump onto the roof and try to get into the attic. There could be some loose spots on the roof and animals can chew their way into the roof. We need to get the animals out before fixing the roof and metal mesh can be used on the entry areas to prevent any further attacks.

c) Leak Detection

Some roofs are built in a way or have a spot which is much more likely to leak. It is very important to find the root cause of that leak to be able to fix it. We have had customers struggling with such types of leak problems for years. Our expert team can help you fix that problem once and for all.

d) Missing Fascia

It is very common for the aluminium fascias on the dormers to fly off in the wind just like the one in the picture. We have the equipment as well as expertise to fix this issue for you.

e) Gutter Cleaning

Gutters or Eaves troughs around the roof can get filled with debris, dust or leafs. They need to be cleaned especially during the fall season. We always recommend our customers to keep an eye on the gutters to prevent any damages from clogged gutters.

f) Regular maintenance

Many of the roofing problems can be prevented by regular maintenance. Some very minor problems such as loose nails, cracks in the caulking etc. can be damaging if not addressed properly on time.

what people are saying

  • Vel

    Overall, They were very professional, responsive, on time and good value. I will definitely recommend their service.

  • Rajesh Desai

    Best, on time, professional - very reasonable price with great work

  • Bao Anh Ta Nguyen

    It was a good experience with the team and we highly recommend them. We have passed the contact to our neighbours who may need theirs to be replaced as well in 2-3 years.

  • Doug Stockton

    Real Blue was able to meet my request for an early installation even with Covid situation. Completed their exceptional installation and site clean up in one day. Excellent job! Everything looks really great! Many positivie comments from neighbours. Thanks

  • Faruq J Khan

    Mr Dill and his team demonstrated professional competence on our roof replacement. They were punctual, friendly and very organized. We are pleased with the final works. We would recommend this contractor for roof replacement, repairs etc